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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sarah Richardson- Fab Designer

Sarah Richardson is one of my favorite designers.  You may have seen her on TV- she's had a couple of shows on HGTV: Design Inc., Sarah's House and most recently Sarah's Cottage.  She is from Canada and has a great sense of style.  She mixes contemporary and traditional design together to create chic looks.

Here are some of my favorite looks that incorporate tile:

This is one of my all-time favorite bathrooms!  It is clean and elegant looking.  I love the way she uses a marble mosaic for the entire backsplash wall.  Also- the different tiles all work so well together in this installation.

This bathroom may be small- but the glass tiles have great impact!  She breaks them up with white subway tile and white marble on the floor.  What a cool look!

She uses mosaic backsplashes in her kitchen designs as well- classic and contemporary!

We have several glass, porcelain and marble tiles that you could use to create some of these beatiful rooms!

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