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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retro Bathrooms

I got a request from Fred in Des Moines for some ideas- he has a customer who wants a retro bathroom without black.  I would suggest using our white subway tiles with either some glass or ceramic mosaics to infuse some color.  Also- our glass subway tiles would be perfect for this!  Just add a white hex floor- and you'll have a cool retro look.

If you want to simply use white subway on the walls and a white hex on the floor, Sherwin Wiilliams has a great "retro" paint color pallette to compliment the clean white (available at any Sherwin Williams store):

Here are some other ideas "sans black":


  1. Hi Kirsty. I love the ideas. My favorite one is pic #11- small bathroom in white subway tiles and shower with grey mosaic accent. Would it be possible to get the tile info (name and manufacturer)?? We are redoing our small bathroom, and this would be just perfect for our space!
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Marzena,
    The glass you like is from our store- the Tile Shop. It's the Imperial Bianco 3 x 6 MAtte with the Smokey Glass. I will forward you the link. There are glass subway tiles that are more grey- the Winter and Antique Moss.

  3. Thank you Kirsty!

  4. Which color is picture 4 Kirsty? I am looking to order from your website and want to be sure.